Why I am starting this blog and who am I anyway?….

This blog was inspired by my very opinionated and overthinking brain. Instead of writing an essay response to stupid comments on youtube, why not start a blog? Every topic from Bill Cosby’s rape accusation, Rachel Dolezal’s race facade, Bruce Jenner’s new gender, to Raven Symone’s hatred for labels, sparked debates within my soul. So much was going on, and I had something say. I resorted to facebook statuses and youtube arguments , but of course these failed me. Youtubers who hated Rachel Dolezal hated me for defending her. This is while my facebook friends just liked the status because it was a status , and there was a like button.  Therefore, I needed some real space; a writing space. I needed space to write without backlash or generic responses.

So what will this blog be about? Errthanng! Well, not really everything. However, come prepared. You will be exposed to my perspective on certain issues. Education, race, religion, gender, sex, relationships, human interaction, and of course, all of these come with inequalities. You will also learn about some personal adversities I endured as a very dark skin immigrant girl. How did America treat me?  How does America treat me now that I am VERY Americanized, but still dark skin? My experience with being bullied and also being the bully will also be discussed. Being the daughter of an education-oriented single Jamaica Mom is something else I will write about. Police brutality is also an issue I am very passionate about. Yes, I grew up in a single-parent home, and I am not dead, misguided, depressed or promiscuous (I am actually a 20 Year old virgin, and I’ll be writing about the issues that surround that too).  I will also explain why having only one parent can be a blessing and NOT a curse.

So yeaaah, who am I anyway? Truthfully, I am a nobody. Yes, that sounds really harsh, but it’s true. I am not the daughter of some well-known musician or author. I am just a normal person. My name is Jewel Ariel. Ariel is my middle name but I like to use it as my last( It just sounds better with my first name). I am a millennial (Don’t stop reading now, we have sensible things to say too). I was born in Jamaica in 1995, and my family and I moved to the U.S in 2001. I was about six years old. I lived in New Jersey until the age of eight. I have one sibling, his name is Cash (Yes, Jewel and Cash! Can you guess what my mother’s priorities are, lol?) My family and I moved to the Bronx when my mother received a teaching position. I will speak more about my family a little later. Anyway, now I am a big hefty 20 year old ( not in size. I’m skinny…), and I just want to write. So hello wordpress, welcome to my world.

WARNING: Please be aware of this fact: I use a lot of humor/sarcasm/satire/whateveryouwanttocallit in my writing. That “I’m skinny” statement is an example. Catch on to my humor, and don’t be offended. Let’s just have fun!

One thought on “Why I am starting this blog and who am I anyway?….

  1. I love your blog idea. Can’t wait to read your future posts. Keep writing and the audience will come rolling in. It sounds like you have some interesting experiences to share. I too came from a single parent home. My mom defied the stereotypes and was a successful single mom. I consider her quite an inspiration. I can’t wait to hear about your experience with your mom and more of your life experiences!


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